Cathy McKinney

Owner and operator at Yogi Fit.  

Certifications include:  200ERYT Yoga Instructor registered with Yoga Alliance, Group Exercise, Fitness Kickboxing, Silver Sneakers & Active Aging (Chair Yoga), Limitless SUP Yoga, Meditation, Plant Based Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, CPR/AED.

"I attended my first yoga class in 2004 and have been practicing yoga ever since. I am a long time resident of Stephenville, TX and hold genuine appreciation & love for our community.  I have also been active in the fitness community for several years and once I found there was a need for Yoga instructors I became certified in September 2016.  My leadership experience with Group Exercise & Yoga have given me a true passion for bringing holistic wellness to our community. Yoga is practiced on and off of the mat and my personal practice has evolved into a fulfilling lifestyle that I enjoy sharing with others. I am now presented with an opportunity to bring an amazing group of  instructors together in one space and we all look forward to serving our community in the coming years."

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Stephanie Rohrer

Stephanie has practiced yoga "on and off" the mat for many years.

"Throughout the many transitions in life, yoga has been my transformational tool--strengthening my body, quieting my mind, and teaching me to be present.  Always striving for more balance in life."

The desire to learn more about the mind/body connection and the practice of yoga inspired her to enroll and complete the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training program at Wanderlust Yoga Austin studio in Austin, Texas.

"I have a deep love and passion for my practice; approaching with a sense of ease, an open heart, and remaining open to the possibilities."

She looks forward to sharing her yoga practice and the benefits with others.

Stephanie's other passions include spending time with her family, cooking, listening to live music, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Christi Miller

Christi Miller

Christi Miller


200 CYT  / Yoga Fusion / Yoga Shred


"I took my first yoga class at Tarleton, not knowing anything about it. After 2 semesters, I couldn't find another class. Then I discovered a hot yoga class at Stephenville Dance Center. I fell in love! I practiced for 2 years, then decided to get certified to teach when my current teacher moved away. I took over hot yoga classes at the Dance Center in 2014 and taught there until December 2017. I am so excited to join the Yogi Fit community and help yoga grow in my hometown!"

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LaurEn jacobs

CPT, Pilates Instructor pursuing her 200RYT Certification

Lauren Jacobs, commonly referred to as LoLo, is a 20 year old nursing student. Born and raised in Marin County, California. Fitness has always been a core aspect of her life. After starting her yoga and pilates journey, a short two years ago, she has come to find a grounding place to gather her thoughts on the mat. While remaining a light of life for all, her goal is to help others find their internal strength and beauty so that they may walk through life with confidence in every step. When she is not focusing on her practice, you can find her caring for her two horses, Katness and Audi. 

"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are." 

 - Alice in Wonderland

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hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson is a 23 year old mother of two little boys, Dexter and Jensen, and a loving wife to Matthieu. She would also describe herself as a cat momma to the other member of their family, Ozzi. She began her Yoga practice two years ago, recently completing her 200RYT certification. 

“After having my youngest son, Jensen, I needed a way to regain strength mentally and physically. Having two children back to back had really taken a toll. Feeling frail, I could hardly carry their car seats on my own." 

In need of an outlet for self-love, she discovered her yoga practice. She started doing basics with “Yoga with Adrienne” on her youtube channel. After finding this outlet, therapy and passion all-in-one, she developed a firm belief that we are all ceaselessly growing and she felt that it was her responsibility to help others learn yoga with that experience in mind. 


Brittany knowles

I'm a busy mom of three, loving wife, and dedicated nurse with a deep rooted personal/home practice that began at the age of 11.  My trade as a nurse, passion for holistic healing, and the power of positive affirmation has spurred my personal practice into an exciting new chapter of learning and growth that will allow me to share what has been one of  life's constant sources of strength and refuge for me .

Growing up in Stephenville I am blessed to have found a place, right here to learn and grow in service, @ Yogi Fit while working  towards my 200RYT.

"Yoga has the power to give one a sense of presence in their own mind and body; an ability to live joyfully in a moment with out the worries of the past or expectations of the future." 

Yoga that focuses on body-mind connection, dynamic movement, intention, and power from with in is a key-stone in my current personal practice and inspiration for Yogi Fit's AM Power Yoga class.

Brittany currently holds a Practical Yoga Instructor certificate from Aerobic Fitness Association of America.

Amy Winsett.jpeg

amy winsett

Certification 200CYT     

I am 27 years of age and have been a life long citizen of Stephenville, Texas. I obtained a degree in Criminal Justice from TSU in 2016 and went to work as a paralegal before having our precious daughter a year later. I am now a stay at home Mom and decided I wanted to become a registered yoga instructor. I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years and I absolutely love how it has turned my life around and I want to help others feel the same! Yoga is my way of stepping out of the stresses and chaos that life can bring and ultimately bring awareness back to self. Whether you want to start yoga to quiet your mind, exercise, or just to have time to yourself, I would love to help guide you through your journey. 

      " Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down." 

                                             - Jigar Gor

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I have been practicing yoga for over twelve years now.  I used to think it was not as serious of a workout as running, biking or other more aerobic activities.  After practicing regularly, yoga quickly became my most loved form of exercise! 

 My favorite explanation of what yoga is:  “Yoga is a tool for life.”  Whatever season of life you find yourself in, chances are, a regular yoga practice will prove beneficial. 

 When I teach yoga, I like to maintain a general flow in the asanas while allowing time to check in with your body, alignment, and breath.  I personally have practiced different forms of yoga depending on the season of life I am in.  I see the benefits of a high powered flow class just as much as I value a static or restorative one.  Yoga has so many facets and all are equally beneficial to body, mind, and spirit!  

 I currently hold an SCW Fitness Certification in Flowing Yoga.  I have regularly substitute taught for the classes I have attended over the years. I grew up in Southern West Virginia and began my yoga practice at my local YMCA, and Commission on Aging. Most recently I have taught at the Stephenville Public Library.  

My husband and I moved to Stephenville in 2014.  We have two wonderful boys who are 3 and 1 year old.  We also have two furry kids (dogs!)  They keep us busy and on our toes!  I love our community and am proud to call Stephenville home.  When I am not chasing toddlers I love practicing yoga, reading, cooking plant based food, and enjoying the outdoors with my family. 

 I look forward to teaching at YogiFit as the opportunity allows!  

 Stand like the mountain, Flow like the river, and Shine like the sun~